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Brand Optimisation
  • Localisation of brand
  • General optimization
  • Optimise brand essence
  • Digital presence
Supply Chain Management
  • Management of SC
  • Customs and compliance
  • Strategise supply chain
  • 3PL partnerships
Strategic Planning
  • Localised marketing
  • Implement E- commerce
  • Distributor partners
  • CRM
  • Healthy business model
  • Financial projections
  • Data driven decision making
  • Establish brand equity

Why us

Why expand with us?

In the early days of Waterproof Expansion, we embarked on a journey as pioneers in importing foreign goods into the Dutch market. Through this experience, we discovered a significant gap in the support available for startups venturing into new markets. Motivated by our firsthand understanding of the challenges and opportunities of expansion, we founded Waterproof Expansion with a clear mission: to empower startups worldwide to navigate the complexities of international expansion with confidence and success.

Our commitment to innovation, integrity, and empowerment drove us to bridge the gap between diverse cultures and markets. Today, Waterproof Expansion stands as a beacon of support for startups seeking to establish a foothold in the Dutch market and beyond.

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide tailored solutions, strategic guidance, and invaluable resources, ensuring that every startup’s expansion journey is seamless and successful. From navigating regulatory frameworks to facilitating cross-cultural collaboration, we are committed to helping startups realize their full potential in the global marketplace.

Join us at Waterproof Expansion, where every challenge is met with expertise, every obstacle is overcome with determination, and every expansion is a testament to the power of partnership and perseverance.”

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